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The voice of engineering equipment suppliers in Europe
Cleaning - Bringing together the leading manufacturers of floor cleaning machines and high pressure cleaners for commercial and industrial use.
- Europe's top technology suppliers of plants, equipment and engineering solutions for the metallurgical industries.
Municipal Equipment
- Representing the leading manufacturers of mobile machines used in municipalities and other areas.
- Serving the Robotics industry in Europe. Join Forces. Work together.
Meet partners.
- The only European manufacturers network and service provider for the Valves sector.
Vehicle Cleaning
- Representing the leading European manufacturers of vehicle cleaning systems.
About us

Welcome to EUnited: The European
Engineering Industries Association

Welcome to EUnited the voice of machinery and equipment suppliers in Europe.

We speak for the companies which make up the core of Europe’s advanced manufacturing capability.  Our members design and develop specialist technology, systems and products which are used in our factories and our communities all over the world.

We are Europe’s only direct company membership association and our sectors include CleaningMetallurgicalMunicipal EquipmentRoboticsValves and Vehicle Cleaning


March 2016 | ROBOTICS

Safety Requirements Published for Human Robot Collaboration

The ISO Technical Specification with safety requirements for industrial human-robot collaboration (ISO/TS 15066) was finalized by the responsible international ISO working group in December 2015 and read more...
March 2016 | ROBOTICS

Safety Requirements Published for Human Robot Collaboration

28 January, 2015 | CLEANING


24 March 2016 | VALVES

EUnited Valves: Relaunching the WELL Water Efficiency Label

February 2016 | METALLURGY

Bright spots in demand, Gloom in supply

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